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Which payement methods are available?

At the moment we offer the following payment methods:

CreditCard - Via Stripe

(Visa, Mastercard & Amex)

We are constantly working on improving and expending our payment methods. Is your preferred payment method not available? Do not hesitate to let us know through our live-chat or this contact form!



You are able to pay online with your PayPal account

Is my payment information safe?

Every transaction is encrypted and sensitive information is not shared with third-parties or stored on our servers.

No credit card information are stored on any Jacques Du Manoir services or servers.

How can I see my preferred currency?

We are working hard to bring this function to our homepage to simply our user experience. However we want to ensure the rates are fair for our end-consumers. Therefore we currently only display prices in USD, however you can calculate your daily rate using your local currency exchange of choice. Also during checkout you will be able to choice if you want o pay in your local currency or use USD.

We however strongly recommend to use your local currency. 

Why am I receiving a Payment Error when I'm trying to checkout? 

There could be multiple reasons as to why you have received this message, please submit a request via our contact form and we will look into this. However we do recommend to first contact your Credit Card company for further information on the transaction and to ensure no charges were applied to your card.

Was my payment successful? 

It can take up to 24 hours for the payment to process depending on the bank and payment method you are using. We recommend that you wait and check your bank statement, if you can't see a transaction after 24 hours please submit a request via our contact form.

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